Conference Programme

  • APM conference

    APM Conference

    Wednesday, 14th March 2018


    11.30am – 12.30pm

    APM Leaders Forum – Attention on Deck

    Exploring what 2018 has in store for the maritime industry - Opportunities, Challenges and Investments

    APM welcomes back our key maritime stakeholders in the region as we explore some of the key issues are they are tackling collectively which includes the depleting energy resources of the region, as well as looking at the environmental impacts and what they are doing to combat this as well as changing dynamics that are affecting the trade patterns in Asia.  This session will also uncover the following:

    • The new normal – What will the future of the maritime industry look like?
    • Asia’s future for oil and gas trade flows and the implications that this will have on transportation and storage?
    • The challenges that have been posed for oil and gas E&P and how this has impacted LNG growth?
    • How has the ratification of the IMO BWM in September 2017, created the intended impact desired by IMO or the adverse?
    • Harnessing the power of big data and new smart shipping technologies that are disrupting the maritime industry
    • Transforming the maritime talent of today into the talent that the industry requires
    • How can ship-owners remain profitable in the changing market dynamics of this economy?
    • Where and what are the smart investment opportunities of this region coming from?
    • How can owners be well equipped for cyber security threats and what should we look out for in 2018?

    2.00pm – 3.00pm

    Digital disruptors – Outside the maritime box

    APM 2018 introduces a disruption to the norm with this groundbreaking session.  We explore the various digital disruptors and the dynamics they bring to the maritime industry. We explore how this convergence has brought about a fundamental change in the industry as well effectively knocked out the privileges of the middle man. Take a step into the future and see how positive disruptions are enabling the maritime industry.

    • Digital Vortex: Redefining Maritime Business in the Age of Digitalisation
    • Shedding light on the thought processes, opportunities and technologies enabling this
    • Challenging the boundaries of IT innovation in the maritime market

    3.00pm – 4.00pm

    APM Asian Shipbuilding Spotlight

    Can Asia match up to the global leadership in shipbuilding?

    APM welcomes the region’s leading shipbuilders as we put them in our hot seat to tackle the issues that keep them awake at night and what are their plans for growth amidst the current market outlook.  This session will explore the following:
    • How can Asia better compete on a global playing field in terms of shipbuilding?
    • What are the Asian shipbuilding powerhouses of China, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam Philippines & Singapore doing differently to stay relevant in this dynamic market?
    • How are shipyards dealing with the issue of oversupply and over capacity which is still looming in the market?
    • What are the current market disruptors in shipbuilding right now and how are the various technological advancements helping to mitigate these disruptions?
    • Can the region work together to create a shipbuilding powerhouse in the Asian market?

    4.30pm – 5.30pm

    Women Leaders In Maritime

    Women at the Helm – Bridging the gap between men and woman in the maritime industry

    APM celebrates the prominence of women at the helm of the maritime industry here in Asia and the region. The International Transport Workers Federation estimates that only 4%  of the world’s maritime  workforce is made of women.  We welcome Asia’s leading women as we facilitate a discussion aimed at promoting innovative thinking and the impact on the global discourse around the role of women in the maritime industry here in Asia.  This session will look into the following:

    • How the role and contribution of women in maritime development is recognised and framed
    • Understanding how the divergence of views between female and male executives
    • Navigating to the top –Practical steps in boosting the representation of women in senior management
    • The critical barriers that hinder the progress of high potential women towards the upper crust of business

    Partner Conference

    Wednesday, 14th March 2018


    Held in Partnership with:

    10.00am – 6.00pm

    Held in partnership with BAIRD Maritime, the inaugural Work Boat World Conference gives you the opportunity to hear from thought leaders across the work boat industries, with a focus on Asian operations. Join us to stay ahead of the competition with expert predictions on the future of the work boat sector, its operations, vessel and equipment requirements, and likely disruptions.

    Asia has gained huge market share in the building of tugs, offshore support vessels, maritime security vessels, commercial fishing boats, passenger vessels and many others for clients all over the world, and the corresponding industries within Asia have rapidly kept pace.

    Asian nations are now the leading players in the worldwide supply of seafood, and many hold critical positions along the sea-lanes of global trade, both of which require vast support industries with work boats as a critical component. 

    The Work Boat World Conference will address the following topics:
    • Tug design developments and predicted future usage and requirements in Asia.
    • Implications of South China Sea military build-up on maritime security vessel orders and tactics.
    • Evolving Asian fisheries - vessel requirements and industry changes.
    • Local operators' perspectives on Southeast Asia's workboat future.
    • The future of aquaculture support vessels - greater capabilities, further offshore.
    • Asian opportunities in maritime archaeology.
    • Search and rescue operations – predictions on future vessel requirements and international cooperation
    • Marine projects - dredging, marine infrastructure and associated vessels in the Asian Century.
    • The promising future of marine tourism in a region of growing prosperity. 
    • Passenger vessels – the time for improved safety, reliability and efficiency.
    • Alternative energy offshore – wind, tides and currents
    • Innovations in maritime pollution control and cleaning up the seas.

    APM Conference

    Thursday, 15th March 2018


    10.30am – 12.00pm

    APM Maritime Hybrid

    APM sheds light on the latest hybrid technologies that are powering the maritime industry.  Join us for this session where we dig deep into the revolutionising hybrid technologies that you need to be aware of in 2018.

    This session will unlock the following windows in maritime hybrid:

    • Distributing electricity on the platform and how this is helping to trim the fuel consumption by up to 27%
    • Identifying why the market shift towards hybrid propulsion systems
    • Creating the right technical mix for the DC grid systems available on ships

    2.00pm – 3.30pm

    APM Tanker

    APM Tanker Market Outlook

    APM brings together key players within the tanker market to forge the way forward and to find that glimmer of hope to keep pushing on.

    • How has Asian fleets survived the flurry of new builds that entered the market in 2017?
    • How are Asian buyers coping with the current outlook and what can we expect in 2018?
    • Where are crude tanker rates heading?
    • How the human element has evolved and how are we coping with this in 2018?

    4.00pm – 5.30pm

    Maritime Finance

    Maritime Finance – The evolving world of maritime finance

    2017 showcased a few things on the maritime finance front – the decline of European Banks and the rise of her Asian counterparts. We shine the spotlight on our seasoned maritime finance experts to help us read the tea leaves of what could possibly be a pivotal year for the shipping industry.  This session will explore the following:

    • Are shipping banks’ lending money today and under what conditions?
    • Have banks rationed available credit as a response to increased regulatory requirement
    • Are Chinese lending institutions, particularly leasing  companies coming to the aid of the industry
    • How are US private placement markets, insurance companies and pension funds helping this industry?
    • How can shipyards offer more aid to owners?
    • How will accessing a more strategic and diverse array of capital sources on a global scale rather than on local side going to help the maritime market?

    Partner Conference

    Thursday, 15th March 2018


    Co-located with:

    10.00am – 6.00pm

    In this information era of the connected ship, the cyber threat is growing across all sectors.  With the shipping industry's increasing reliance on technology and remote monitoring, maritime cyber security is no longer optional, but is business-critical.

    How many companies are ready to tackle the cyber challenge? And how resilient are they? Whilst the risk is real, it can be mitigated, and how quickly and robustly a company can respond to this challenge will depend on how ready and determined they are, and on whether they are planning to invest in cyber preparedness.

    Are we witnessing a new security paradigm, where the focus is on prevention rather than simply relying on reaction? Ship operators need to be confident that their procedures can deal with ever bigger and more sophisticated cyber-attacks and that that they are developing a safe, dependable, cyber capability in shipping.

    Building on the resounding success of the Maritime Cyber Resilience Forums held in locations such as Rotterdam, Athens and Hamburg, Digital Ship’s Maritime Cyber Resilience Forum @ APM will contain plenary presentations and panel discussions debating the following:

    1. Facing the Cyber Threat: An Overview of Maritime Cyber Challenges and Focus on Building Resilience
    2. Business Planning and Cyber Preparedness
    3. New Developments in Maritime Cyber Regulations and Guidelines 
    4. Training, Awareness and Human Factors
    5. Are We Cyber Ready? Conclusions and Actions

    This Forum will bring advisors, end-users, technology providers and policy makers together, aiming to

    • Understand, define and assess the threats and risk of maritime cyber-attack
    • Raise awareness of cyber security and risk issues and identify increased cooperation and information sharing mechanisms
    • Discuss appropriate regulation and guidelines for clearer standards throughout the industry, and with authorities

    For more information and to register, please contact

    APM Conference

    Friday, 16th March 2018


    2.00pm – 3.00pm

    Offshore Connect
    APM welcomes back the exclusive the Offshore Connect session.  A closed door session attracting C- Level offshore players in the market.  This invite only session will be helmed by leaders in the region who will uncover some of the most pressing issues that are affecting the offshore market in Asia.  In this session we will explore the following:

    • Evaluating the impact of the current oil prices on E&P spending and how is this affecting the offshore industry?
    • Analysing the drivers and what to expect of the order books for 2018?
    • A shipyards perspective on the current market outlook of the offshore market in Asia?
    • Focusing on the opportunities and developments in this region

    3.30pm – 4.30pm

    APM Future Fuels

    Exploring the future of marine fuels – Where do our priorities lie?

    Join us as we uncover the progress that drives these initiatives.  Our panel of speakers from the various types of marine fuels that include LNG, Methanol will uncover some of the latest issues their plate for these two types of fuel options.  This session will uncover the following:

    • Singapore vision for LNG development and the long term projections for LNG as a marine fuel
    • What are the new technology investments that ship owners are looking into
    • Methanol  as marine fuel and the environmental benefits
    • The electric future of transportation – How is this impacting the maritime industry in Asia?

    4.30pm - 5.30pm

    Oil & Gas Transportation & Storage

    Analysing the current market dynamic of Oil and Gas Transportation and Storage in Asia

    The continued oversupply issue in the region, which is also driven by low oil prices, has led to an increased storage levels in Asia as well as across the region.  For those looking to thrive in the Asian transportation and storage sector this is the session to gather all those answers.

    This session will uncover the following:

    • Key drivers for transportation and storage in Asia
    • Incentives for oil and commodities traders in Singapore
    • Mitigating the developments risks for storage terminals in Asia
    • Asia’s future for oil and gas trade flows and the implications that this will have on transportation and storage?

    Partner Conference

    Friday, 16th March 2018

    Intellectual Property (IP) Management and Enforcement in the Maritime Industry

    Held in Partnership with:

    10.00am – 3.00pm

    Learn about intellectual property (IP) issues in the Maritime industry, and strategies to protect against risks, including those arising from the transport of counterfeit goods and IP infringement.

    10.00am: An introduction to IP and IP Types in the Maritime Industry:

    • Trademarks
    • Designs
    • Patents
    • Copyright
    • IP Management – What it is?

    10.30am: Enforcement of IP Rights

    • Sharing Experience as an IP Rights Owner: Efforts and Practices of an MNC for the Protection and Execution of IPRs

    11.00am: Networking Tea break

    11.30am: IP Issues in the Maritime Industry

    • IP Strategies to protect against risks (including those arising from the transport of counterfeit goods)
    12.30pm: Panel Discussion / Q&A

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