BorneoTalk is a magazine based in Kuching, Sarawak in Malaysian Borneo dedicated to producing high quality content focussing on travel, leisure, adventure, people, culture, nature, food and festival in Borneo and beyond. Let us take you on a journey to some of the most exotic destinations in Borneo, where you’ll discover majestic mountains, jaw-dropping waterfalls, beautiful beaches, time-honoured heritage buildings, traditional longhouses, remarkably rich biodiversity and ethnic miscellany, as well as some of the best culinary offerings in the region, and not forgetting the internationally renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mulu National Park.

Published quarterly, the magazine is distributed to consumers within Sarawak as well as in Sabah, Brunei Darussalam, West Malaysia, and worldwide through MAS Golden Lounge as well as roadshows. The magazine’s reach extends far beyond its 30,000 hardcopies, with a larger footprint as a result of its use of digital platforms, which include videos, website as well as social media (Facebook and Instagram).

At BorneoTalk, we take great pride in our work and extra effort is put in to ensure our contents are of the highest quality, up to date and exciting to read.


Creating an impact

With its brand presence as well as support from the community and various organisations, BorneoTalk sets out to bring about change in the lives of the community and also the environment. This is done through initiatives such as:

·   #StirringUpBorneo: BorneoTalk works together with various individuals, businesses, companies and organisations to projects that benefit all, such as the BorneoTalk Privilege Card that offers discounts to card owners while helping to promote the works of the artists that paint the designs on the card.

·   #idontdoplastic: A campaign aimed at cutting the need for single-use plastic, by offering stylish reusable bags to replace plastic bags. This campaign encourages one to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repeat, thus helping to protect the environment.

Product of passion

The magazine is produced by a team of passionate writers, designers, photographers and gatekeepers. This team strives issue after issue to bring to its readers the best products with visuals that are fresh and photos that are stunning. You can expect no less from one of Borneo’s premier magazines.

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