Specialises in three particular areas of the international maritime industry: tugs & towing, offshore and salvage. Founded by the late Allan Brunton-Reed, The ABR Company Ltd publishes International Tug & OSV, incorporating Salvage News, and organises international conferences and exhibitions. Additionally, the company has published a wide variety of nautical books and other magazines. The company maintains on a daily basis an 18,000+ database of people around the world who are involved in the tug, towing, OSV and salvage business - currently 144 countries. The database is used for the distribution of our bi-monthly magazine International Tug & OSV as well as the annual Tug & OSV Review and numerous supplements. It is also used for marketing our highly successful ITS Conventions and Tugnology Conferences. The company also stocks a wide range of publications dealing with the tug, towing, salvage and OSV business, which are available through The ITS Book Club.