13 – 15 March 2024
Wed-Thur 10am-6pm, Fri 10am-5pm | Level 1 & Basement 2 | Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


APM 2024 Strategic Conference

The APM strategic conference is a free-to-attend platform where top-level discussions on key and trending issues in the maritime industry are held. Featuring more than 50 industry leaders from APAC and beyond, topics for the 2024 edition are grouped into three overarching pillars – Innovation, Sustainability and Workforce. 

Enhancing Productivity and Innovation

Innovation in the maritime industry brings about transformative benefits that helps chart a course towards a more efficient and resilient maritime sector. Embracing cutting-edge technologies and novel solutions enhances operational efficiency and productivity, streamlines processes, and reduces operational costs.  

Embracing innovation empowers the maritime sector to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving global landscape, while simultaneously unlocking new possibilities and ushering in an era of unprecedented growth and progress. 

Join us as we explore the transformative power of digitalization tools, maritime technology advancements, and the implementation of smart ports and maritime services. Discover the untapped potential of AI & Machine Learning, which promises to revolutionize operations, optimize efficiency, and elevate decision-making processes. Moreover, we will shed light on the crucial aspect of cybersecurity, ensuring the safe and secure navigation of the digital landscape. 

Among the topics that will be covered under this theme are: 

•Digitalisation Tools 
•Maritime Technology 
•Smart Ports 
•Smart Maritime Services & Logistics 
•AI & Machine Learning 

Investing in a Sustainable Maritime Sector

Developing a sustainable maritime sector is the key to steering our industry towards a cleaner and more responsible future. Topics under these themes will explore innovative strategies and solutions that are reshaping the maritime industry into a force for environmental stewardship. 

Join us as we delve into a comprehensive array of topics crucial to our collective mission. From exploring the potential of alternative maritime fuels to power our vessels with cleaner energy, to understanding the pivotal role of green financing in supporting sustainable maritime projects.  

We will also navigate through the concept of developing green shipping corridors, fostering eco-friendly transportation networks that connect the world responsibly. Emphasizing sustainable operations, we will uncover practices that optimize efficiency while minimizing ecological impact.  

Together, we will chart a course towards decarbonization and achieving net-zero emissions, taking the helm in combating climate change. Embracing cutting-edge sustainable maritime technology, we unlock new horizons for a greener and smarter industry. Lastly, the electrification of boats revolutionizes marine propulsion, steering us towards a future of emission-free navigation. 

Among the topics that will be covered under this theme are: 

•Alternative maritime fuels 
•Green financing for maritime 
•Developing green shipping corridors 
•Sustainable operations 
•Decarbonisation / Achieving net Zero 
•Sustainable maritime technology 
•Electrification of boats 

Developing a Future-Ready Workforce 

Investing in the development of a future-ready workforce for the maritime sector is a strategic imperative. It not only fosters the industry's growth and resilience but also positions it as a responsible and forward-thinking player in the global maritime landscape.  

By embracing the changing times and empowering its workforce, the maritime sector can chart a course towards a prosperous and sustainable future. A future-ready workforce is better equipped to navigate these challenges, quickly adapt to changing circumstances, and devise creative solutions to address emerging issues. 

Join us as we navigate through essential topics, starting with talent attraction and retention strategies that are crucial for fostering a competent and diverse workforce. We will also delve into the integration of AI in the maritime workforce, understanding how cutting-edge technologies augment efficiency and decision-making.  

Emphasizing the well-being of seafarers, we will address the crucial aspect of seafarers' welfare, ensuring a supportive environment that nurtures their physical and mental health. Additionally, in the wake of the COVID pandemic, we will explore effective mitigation measures and lessons learned, to fortify the maritime sector against future disruptions. 

Among the topics that will be covered under this theme are: 

•Talent attraction & retention 
•Integration of AI in the Workforce 
•Seafarers’ Welfare – Creating a supportive environment 
•Effective COVID mitigation and lessons learned 

Masterminds at APM Conference 2022

The Mastermind Conference programme features an incredible line-up of maritime players. Be inspired by the industry’s most blazing minds as they come together to share critical knowledge about the maritime and shipping future that can impact the world of tomorrow.

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